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Q1. What is Legal Metrology?
"Legal Metrology" is a new name of Legal Metrology. It defines as follows: Legal Metrology treats unit of weighment and measurement, methods of weightment and measurement and weighing and measuring instruments, in relation to the mandatory technical and legal requirements which have the object of ensuring public guarantee from the point of view of security and accuracy of the weighments and measurements.
Q2. Whether the offences committed under the packaged commodities Rules is compoundable or not?
Yes, the offence committed under the packaged commodities Rules is compoundable.
Compounding of offences under the Legal Metrology Act,2009 :-
1. Any offence punishable under section 25, section 25, sections 27 and 39, section 45v to 47, or any rule made under sub section (3) of section(52) may, either before or after the institution of the prosecution, be compounded, on payment for credit to the government of such sum as may be prescribed.
2. The Director or legal metrology officer as may be specially authorised by him in this behalf, may compound offences punishable under section 25, section 27 to 39, or any rule made under sub section (3) of section 52.
3. The controller or legal metrology officer specially authorised by him, may compound offences punishable under section 25, section 27 to 31, sections 33 to 37, sections 45 to 47, and any rule made under sub section (3) of section 53: provided that such sum shall not, in any case, exceed the maximum amount of the fine, which may be imposed under this act for the offence so compounded.
4. Nothing in sub section (1) shall apply to person who commits the same or similar offence, within a period of three years from the date on which first offence, committed by him, was compounded. Explanation.- For the purposes of this sub-section, any second or subsequent offence committed after the expiry of a period of three years from the date on which the offence was previously compounded, shall be deemed to be a first offence.
5. Where an offence has been compounded under sub-section (1), no proceeding or further proceeding, as the case may be, shall be taken against the offender in respect of the offence so compounded.
6. No offence under this Act shall be compounded except as provided by this section.
Q3. What is Pre-packaged commodity?
"Pre-packaged commodity" means a commodity which without the purchaser being present is placed in a package of whatever nature, whether sealed or not, so that the product contained there in has a pre-determined quantity.
Q4. What do you mean by sale?
Sale means transfer of property in any weight, measure or other goods by one person to another for cash or for deferred payment or for any other valuable consideration and includes a transfer of any weight, measure or other goods on the hire purchase system or any other system of payment by instalments, but does not included a mortgage or hypothecation of, or a change or pledge on, such weight, measure or other goods.
Q5. How the transaction has been defined in the Legal Metrology Act?
Any contact, whether for sale, purchase, exchange or any other purpose, or Any assessment of royalty, toll, duty or other dues, or The assessment of any work done, wages due or services rendered.
Q6. What do you mean by protection in Legal Metrology?
"Protection" means the utilization of reading obtained from any weight or measure, for the purpose of determining any step which is required to be taken to safeguard the well-being of any human being or animal, or to protect any commodity, vegetation or thing, whether individually or collectively.
Q7. Why we do re-verification?
Re-verification is a fresh verification of weights & measures at certain intervals to ensures and maintain the accuracy of weights & measure.
Q8 . What do you mean by label?
"Label" means any written, marked, stamped, printed or graphic matter affixed to, or appearing upon any pre-packaged commodity.
Q9. What is net quantity?
Net quantity in relation to commodity contained in a package, means the quantity by weight, measure or number of such commodity contained in that package, excluding the packaging or wrapper.
Q10. Is there any license to manufacture, sale or repair W & M?
Yes, the Legal Metrology Division issues license to the manufacturer, dealer and repairer of Legal Metrology and for dealing in weights & measuring instruments, the license is a must.
Q11. How can consumer ensure that any W & M is standard or not?
Every Legal Metrology used by the user is stamped by the Legal Metrology Division after due verification, with a special seal indicating the identification of Inspector and quarter in which it is verified. The validity of such stamped weights is two years whereas in the case of dispensing unit/weigh bridge/electronic balances/platform scale it is one year. Dispensing unit, weigh bridge verification certificate issued to the user which is required to be displayed at conspicuous place by the trader/user.
Q12. Who is packer?
Any person or a firm, which pre-packs any commodity whether in any bottle, tin, wrapper or otherwise in units suitable for sale, is a packer. packers need to register themselves with this division.
Q13. Can a dealer charge legally more than the maximum retail price mentioned on the package?
No, overcharging is an offence for which the trader can be prosecuted.
Q14. What is the validity period of any Weight or Measure?
Name of the Weights Validity Period
All Weights Two Years
Capacity Measures Two Years
Counter Machine Two Year
Beam Scale Two Year
Non automatic weighing instruments One Year
Automatic Weighing instruments One year
Length Measures Two year
Strong Tanks Five year

For the facility to the public the qovernment have created four quarters
(A) Jan. to March
(B) April to June
(C) July to September
(D) October to December.
For example:- Any Weight or Measure got verified in January it can be re-verified up to next due (A) quarter i.e, within January to March without any penalty.
Q15. Who is the competent authority for grant of license to packer/manufacturer/dealer/repairer in Legal Metrology?
The Controller, Legal Metrology is the competent authority to grant License for Manufacturer/ Dealer/ Repairer in W & M. Registration as Packer/Manufacturer/Importer of packaged commodities is also done by the controller.
Q16. What are the precautions to be taken by a person while purchasing pre-packed commodities from Whole seller/ supplier/ manufacturer/ shopkeeper?
Every person who either purchase or sells any Commodity in Pre-packed shape should ensure that it bears the following declarations:-
i. Name and Address of Manufacturer/Packer/Importer.
ii. Name of item/ commodity.
iii. Net-quantity either in weights, measures or number as the case may be.
iv. Month & year of manufacture/packing/import.
v. Maximum sale price of item/packet as MRP Rs ____ (inclusive of all taxes).
vi. Expiry date in case of eatable item.
Note: For detail please see rules 6 to 21 of the Legal Metrology (packaged commodities) rules, 2011.
Q17. What are the requirements while purchasing the IMPORTED Items?
The followings are the compulsory declaration required on a packet which have been imported and available for sale:
i. Name and Address of the Importer OR packer OR Manufacturer.
ii. Name of the Commodity.
iii. Net quantity in terms of Legal Metrology.
iv.Year and month of Packing/import.
v. Maximum Retail Price MRP
Rs ....... (Inclusive of All Taxes).
Q18. Can a person sell or use unstamped weights or measures?
No, Weights or Measure shall be sold or offered, exposed or possessed for sale or used or kept for use in any transaction or protection unless it has been verified & stamped that too by a licenced manufacturer/dealer of Legal Metrology.
Q19. Is the license issued under the Legal Metrology Act transferable?
No, A license issued or renewal under this Act is not saleable or otherwise transferable.
Q20. Is it necessary to display the certificate of verification?
It is necessary to display every certificate of verification granted under the Act at a conspicuous place in premises where such weights or measure is being, or is intended or likely to be, used in any transaction or for protection.
Q21. Where the consumer can complain in case he finds any violation of Legal Metrology Laws?
He can complain in the Office of Controller of Legal Metrology or in the Office of concerned Legal Metrology officer.
Q22. Is it mandatory for the user of Legal Metrology that he gets them verified and stamped only through licensed Dealer / Repairer?
No, it is not mandatory. The user himself can get the Legal Metrology verified & stamped from the Concerned Inspector of concerned District.
Q23. Can any person use for commercial purpose any non-verified weights & Measures?
No, a person cannot use any unverified & unstamped Legal Metrology in any circumstances. He must use weights & Measures verified and stamped from Legal Metrology department.
Q24. Who is the competent authority to register any person who intends to import or export any Legal Metrology?
Every person who intend to import any Legal Metrology needs to register himself with the Dept. as dealer in the first instance. Registration of importer is done by the Govt. of India after the recommendation of department and valid dealer license.
Q25. What are the instances where stamping and verification is not necessary under the Legal Metrology Act, 2009?
The provisions of this Act, in so far as they relates to the verification and stamping of Legal Metrology, shall not apply to any Legal Metrology which is
(a) Used in any factory exclusively engaged in the manufacture of any arms, or ammunition or both, for the use of the armed forces of the union.
(b) Used for scientific investigation or for research.
(c) Manufactured exclusively for export.
Q26. What are the words or expression which cannot be used on the pre-packed commodities?
The following words or expression of a similar nature shall not be used which create misleading or inadequate impression: 'Jumbo', 'Giant', 'full', 'family', 'huge', 'extra', 'economy', 'large', 'colossal', 'king', 'queen'
Q27. Where to make application for registration as Packer or importer?
Application can be made in the Office of Controller of Legal Metrology, JHARKHAND, Ranchi.
Q28. Can a packer may paste stickers on printed MRP on the plea of rate revised?
Q29. Where the complaint regarding short delivery of LPG / Petrol can be made?
In the office of controller or the concerned office of legal metrology officer.
Q30. Where are courts of Legal Metrology Department made to protect the rights of the consumers? Can anybody lodge the complain there?
Any person aggrieved or a recognised consumer association can file its complaint in the Court of judicial magistrate of the first class or metropolitan judicial magistrate.
Q31. Where complaints can be made to Legal Metrology Deptt. about short Weighment? If there is necessary to disclose identity to make such complaints?
Complaints can be made to the Controller or any office of legal metrology officer in writing or by email.
Q32. What work is looked after by the Legal Metrology District Offices?
The Legal Metrology Districts take care of the stamping and verification of Legal Metrology like Petrol Pumps, Weights, Electronic and Mechanical Weighing Machines and also keep a check on the accuracy of Legal Metrology in JHARKHAND.
Q33. How the stamping is done in the Legal Metrology in the office of Inspector, Legal metrology?
Every Legal Metrology is checked for accuracy and after submitting the prescribed Govt fees, the Legal Metrology stamped by the special seal provided by the inspector and verification Certificate is issued simultaneously, the request has to be made for the stamping.
Q34. What Kind Of Services offered in Food Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs Department?
There are five Services offered namely

√ Verification Of Legal Metrology
√ License for manufacturing of Legal Metrology
√ License for repairing of Legal Metrology
√ License for dealer of Legal Metrology
√ Registration of manufactures/Packer/Importer
Q35. How do I register?
√ Fill the required details of Company/Proprieter
√ Register Yourself at Single Window
Q36. What document do I need to Submit with the application?
The Companies/dealers need to submit following documents:
Sr.no Service Document required
1 Verification of Wights and measures Address proof whether premises are owned/rented/taken on lease/lease license
Cash memo/bills of purchase of Weights and measures equipment
Lab Certificate
Copy of Challan of Advance fee payment
2 License for repairing of Weights and measures Address proof whether premises are owned/rented/taken on lease/lease license
Registration number of factory/shop & establishment/municipal trade license
Document of availability of electricity energy
VAT/Sales tax Registration/CST No./Prof. Tax/PAN No./TIN
Previous experience certificate
Ceritificate of test Weights
Copy of Challan of Advance fee payment
3 License for manufacturing of Weights and measures • Address proof whether premises are Owned/rented/taken on lease/lease license
• Registration number of factory /Shop & factory/Shop & establishment/municipal trade license
• Monogram trade mark
• Document of availability of electricity energy
• Document of loan received from governmemt or financial institution
• VAT/Sales tax Registration/CST No./prof.Tax/PAAN No./TIN
• Certificate of model approval received from government of India
• Sample of product to be manufactured
• Copy of Challan of Advance fee payment
4 License for dealer of Weights and measures • Address proof whether premises are Owned/rented/taken on lease/lease License
• Registration number of factory/Shop & establishment/municipal trade license
• VAT/Sales tax Registration/CST No./prof.Tax/PAN No./TIN
• Registration of importer of Weights and measures, if any
• Approval of model imported in to India by central government
• Authorization Certificate issued by manufacturer for dealer license
• Copy of Challan of Advance fee payment
5 Registration  
Q37. How can I avail these services?
First go to the Website....... or go to the website i.e..........
√ Register yourself at single window office
√ Select the service and apply in single window office
√ Application will go to Controller of legal Metrology
√ Controller of legal Metrology forwards it to Asst. Controller/Dy. Controller/Joint Controller of legal metrology
√ Asst. Controller/Dy. Controller/Joint Controller of legal metrology forward it to concerned Inspector
√ After Verification report will be submitted to Controller of legal metrology
√ Controller of legal metrology will issue the License for the concerned services
Q38. How much does it cost to register, and how do i play?
There is no fee for registration on website in jharkhand.