Vision, Mission & Objectives

The division of legal metrology, department of food, public distribution and consumer affairs, government of Jharkhand in aspect of digitization of work process of the department desires an introduction of Information Technology for the following purposes:-

1. Web portal or an official website for the division that must contain all the relevant information of the department that includes basic functionalities, important links, workflow based architecture, grievances and FAQ’s etc.

2. Web based application that can be accessed via internet for the digitization of workflow of the department that introduces software based automation of the process of obtaining license, registration and certification and managing grievances etc.

The application is intended to provide an end to end solution improving government to business services delivery by State legal metrology division, Government of Jharkhand. The portal also aims to provide an increased transparency, time saving and increased efficiency of the system, as few of the benefits to the consumers and the staff of division of legal metrology.

The web based application software is designed to offer full automated functionalities of division of legal metrology, Government of Jharkhand needs in management of the department. The application software covers the automation of the following:-

  • Process of registration of packers, manufacturers and importers of packaged commodities.
  • Issue of license for manufacturing, repairing units dealing with weights and measures.
  • Issue of certificate for weighing and measuring instruments being used for commercial transaction and protection.
  • Inspections and prosecutions of the commercial establishments found violating the provisions of legal metrology laws in respect of short delivery of the commodities.
  • Checking of packaged commodities being offered for sale by the commercial establishments regarding their net contents in respect of weights, measures, volume or number and regarding the mandatory declarations that needs to be made on the packaged commodities like:
  • Name and complete address of the manufacturer, packer and importer of the packaged commodities.
  • Net contents in terms of weight, volume or number.
  • Date of manufacture/packing/import of the commodity (month and year).
  • Maximum Retail Price (inclusive of all taxes).
  • Generic name of the commodity.
  • Checking of commercial establishments regarding the overcharging above the MRP in respect of the sale of packaged commodities.
  • Stamping and Verification of weights, measures, Weighing and measuring instruments used by the commercial establishments.
  • Verification & Stamping of Weigh bridges.
  • Calibration, verification of Tank Lorries and flow meters used in transportation of petroleum products.
  • Stamping and sealing of dispensing units of Petrol pumps.
  • Checking of net contents of LPG at bottling plant or retail outlets.