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Standards of weights and measures based on the metric system were established in the year 1956 which were revised in the year 1976 with a view to give effect to the international system of units. Apart from it, the standards of weights and measures act, 1976 provides for establishing standards of weights and measures. Regulation of inter-state trade or commerce in weights and measures other goods which are sold by weights, measures or number. In the year 1985, the standards of weights and measures (enforcement) Act, 1985 was enacted for enforcement of standards of weights and measures established by or under the 1976 Act.

The advancement of technology has necessitated the review of above mentioned enactments to make them simple, eliminate obsolete regulations, ensure accountability and bring transparency. It is imperative to combine the provisions of the two acts i.e. the standards of weights and measures Act,1976 and standards of weights and measures (Enforcement) Act, 1985 to get rid of anomalies and make the provisions simple. So legal metrology Act, 2009 is enacted to keep the regulation pragmatic to the extent required protecting the interest of consumers and at the same time keep the industry free from under interference. The legal metrology Act, 2009 and rules made thereunder i.e.

(1) The Legal Metrology(General) Rules, 2011
(2) The Legal Metrology (National Standards) rules, 2011
(3) The Legal Metrology (Package Commodities) rules, 2011
(4) The Legal Metrology (Numeration), rules, 2011
(5) The Legal Letrology (Approval of Models) rules, 2011 and
(6) The Jharkhand Legal Metrology (Enforcement) rules, 2011 are being enforced from 1st April, 2011

The word 'metrology' has its root in the Greek word "metron" which means "measures" and is now widely used to refer to the subject relating to weights and measures. Legal metrology would, therefore, means legal aspects or statutory provisions of the subject of weight and measures.

The weights and measures division of Jharkhand belongs to the Department of Food, Public Distribution and Consumer Affairs, Government of Jharkhand.