Prior to 42 amendment of the constitution in 1976, the subject weights and measures was included in the legislative entries of the seventh schedule of the constitution as follows : list-1(union list) : Entry 50- Establishment of the standards of weight and measures.

List-2(State List) : Entry.29- Weights and measures except establishment of standards. The entry 29 was omitted by constitution (forty-second) amendment Act, 1976 (w.e.f. 3-1-1977) and a new entry 33-A under the same nomenclature was inserted in the list-3 i.e. concurrent list.

The responsibility in relation to weight and measures is shared between the centre and the states. Matters of national policy and other related functions such as uniform laws on weight and measures, technical regulations, training. Precise recommendation are the concern of the central government. The state government and union territory administration are responsible for the day to day enforcement of the laws.

The weights and measures division of the food, public distribution and consumer affairs department ,Government of JHARKHAND, being the state authority for dealing with the subject is required to handle all the matters falling within the purview of the government of jharkhand. The weights and measures divison is consumer-centric and stands committed to protect the consumers from unscrupulous traders. Legal actions are being taken by the division against the defaulters and malpractices in weighing and measuring and also in charging higher prices than the MRP marked on all provision of the legal metrology Act and rules, cases of a serious nature are dealt by the help of courts.

Inspections are also conducted on receipt of complaint from any source either in writing or telephonically, action against short measuresment use of defective and non-standard weights and measures is taken as per provisions of relevant act and rules. Verifications of weights and measures of users are also carried out at regular intervals and licenses of manufacturer dealers or repairers of weights or measures are also issued by the division.